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Securing – HTML Node trawler


As a part of WDO I helped maintain the securing website with updates and general maintenance. However recently they needed a quick and dirty collapsible list of PDF’s and pictures from their conference. I thought I’d try out something new. NODES!!!
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Start – form

Start form

Start required a simple form, to help people deliver their details, and of course receive the information properly formatted via email. Read more »



“.WDO as a part of it’s strategic branding of Kreanord, developed a new website and digital presentation that will be released in early 2010.
The website will connect Nordic organisations and companies in the field of creative industries and get them out on the global market as well as help them organise and communicate with each other.”

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Creative Summit

http://www.creativesummit.se (sadly we’ve just updated the flash 2009 site to the AJAX 2010 )
Oh The Lodge (North Kingdom, Dreamfield, Artopod, Paregos, Thomson, etc) needed an awesome web site their large conference(organised by .wdo) for it’s members and it’s associates from around the world, like Coca-Cola and Disney. No pressure, just the elite of your branch is currently weighing up your code and design.
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Flodell Film


This site got a nice redesign at Thomson, and being a CMS I got to do some heavy programming for such a light face lift. Read more »

Awa Online


I worked alongside Roban Lindstr√∂m of North Kingdom och Designchapel., which lets face it, the awesome artwork sells this site. Read more »

IQ – brave new world of CSS

When I was an intern, at Thomson, I got to try out my CSS skills with iq.se. The guys were so nice to me there, I even got to help out with the wireframe design (a lot of fun I might add). Read more »

Hardcore HTML with XSL & DTD

Basic html web site with javascript.

Yeah, I did a web course at Luleå once, over the internet. (I actually did two distance course when I started Creative Designer)
This was a web programming course, with a hardcore twist at the end. Read more »