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Sommarlov – konstsim för hajar



Straight up and down request, build a game that does x,y,z.
That’s what we built.
Every project has a angle, a hook and dear goodness where those two fishing puns already.

And with this project we used Flixel – the little engine that should
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It was a success, 2d objects, in a 2d room and a control system to MOVE objects in in actual 3d space that is supposed to be intuitive for 7 year olds.
I present to you Fixarummet – Design your own room.

Compromise – Did you every have one of those projects?
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unity3d – attempt number 2


Here is my first real stab at something “proper” in unity. Be warned – There be programmer art ahead!
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HP – Shorty


Norweb’s Shorty….I got told to build donkey-kong esque game to play whilst the clients donwload pdfs. Read more »

Falling ball game experiment

Falling ball game
I’ve never been the one for quick reaction games but the popularity among some people when I show them this outstrips how damned easy it was to build.
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Parallax – experiment

Parallax SOTB expirment
I wanted to do the ULTIMATE parallax scroll. Read more »