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Sommarlov – konstsim för hajar



Straight up and down request, build a game that does x,y,z.
That’s what we built.
Every project has a angle, a hook and dear goodness where those two fishing puns already.

And with this project we used Flixel – the little engine that should
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It was a success, 2d objects, in a 2d room and a control system to MOVE objects in in actual 3d space that is supposed to be intuitive for 7 year olds.
I present to you Fixarummet – Design your own room.

Compromise – Did you every have one of those projects?
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as3 inherited variables – internal instead of private

So you read up on OOP’s you’ve had some experience with python, java, c++ sometime in the far distance past.
But what you got on your hands right now is ActionScript 3. I love as3. They tried to follow some form of standard, but certain things proper OOP nerds take for granted fell off the wayside.
Things like “Private”. Creating a singleton in flash required mind altering drugs for AS3.
And here is another classic that I stumbled into today when doing my own class for the first time in a while.
Inherit variables.
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Unity – Flar Expirement

Flar and Unity

  1. have a webcamera
  2. print off this glyph marker
  3. Install Unity

Unity is a game engine, news about it started to trickle into my RSS feeds during the summer.
Basically, it’s a 3d editing suite in which you can build games with: integrated physics, complex model, textures, and particle systems.
Very good for the 3d gaming community, but why talk about it here?
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Skellefteå-kraft Banners

Skellefteå Kraft Banner

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t brag about banners, unless it was something special, (credit must go out to “that guy” who took care of Frank The Sheep).
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Head-tracking and steering 3d environments

Face tracking
WARNING! Example requires a web Camera and flash player 10.

Well, programmers usually hate using stuff they don’t know how to build themselves. But sometimes, something is just too cool not to have a play.
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Creative Summit

http://www.creativesummit.se (sadly we’ve just updated the flash 2009 site to the AJAX 2010 )
Oh The Lodge (North Kingdom, Dreamfield, Artopod, Paregos, Thomson, etc) needed an awesome web site their large conference(organised by .wdo) for it’s members and it’s associates from around the world, like Coca-Cola and Disney. No pressure, just the elite of your branch is currently weighing up your code and design.
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Start – digital presentation

Start - Presentation

This was an offline flash project so I have no link :(

I loved this project. An artistically luscious presentation that the client could put together themselves. It was my first fairly complex AS3 project, so complex that I had to build my own debugger. True story.
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You control, back to as2


So I built an system for web site for punc.se, they hadn’t made the move to AS3 back then, so I had to go back to the classic AS2. Read more »

The innovators – AS3 line drawn in sand


So what we have here is a flash film player, an Accordian, xml reader, Javascript communications, a sharebutton that folds out ontop of the flash, and a little bit of a bitmap effect causing that lovely static on the screen (The war of the Ants my swedish colleagues would like to say).

The Line has now been drawn, I’ve had my fill of AS2. From this day forwards I am a flash ActionScript 3.0 programmer!
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Gunnebo International Business Center


Built back in my Norweb, Jack-Russel and Fältman & Malmén days. Huge shout out to Mattias Flyborg, or rather Mr Jack Russel himself(Art-Director and Project Leader.)
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HSB – Bospara


Major HSB campaign, and we just lost both senior programmers. Lone junior here took up the plate. Read more »

HP – Shorty


Norweb’s Shorty….I got told to build donkey-kong esque game to play whilst the clients donwload pdfs. Read more »

Awa Online


I worked alongside Roban Lindström of North Kingdom och Designchapel., which lets face it, the awesome artwork sells this site. Read more »



A little school project which I built with Linus Lundquist Read more »

Falling ball game experiment

Falling ball game
I’ve never been the one for quick reaction games but the popularity among some people when I show them this outstrips how damned easy it was to build.
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Parallax – experiment

Parallax SOTB expirment
I wanted to do the ULTIMATE parallax scroll. Read more »