Boff ?

“A band of scientific men who performed their wartime wonders at Malvern and apparently called themselves ‘the boffins’.” The Times,  15 Sept 1945

Boff was a nickname I got from my sister when I was but just a young teen who liked his  science-fiction, fantasy, books, films, computer games, reading facts and figures and boring the loving crap out of my immediate family and friends.

Needless to say Boff stuck, it aptly described “me”, to the point where a decade later my family still refer to me as Boff, and not just family but close friends from all walks of life.

Thankfully this hasn’t been a problem in recent years. I had to live in another country to get called by my real name, true story.

If I was to go to a psychologist and they ask me who I am and I can not answer with my Birth name, a job title, or a list of things that I’ve done( all that ego stripping stuff), then who am I? I am Boff, I guess it’s my nature that defines me.