My name is Paul Dixon, and I’m a web developer and general all round Boffin.

I’m currently living in the North of Sweden with my wife and children.

I am a happy, dedicated (can’t stop until the problem is solved) Actionscript programmer with a passion for computer games. My first childhood love was of course my commodore 128 which I used to write text-based adventure games on, and mess around with the sprite editor (sprdef) and BASIC in an attempt to create my very first platform game.

My love of gaming has never ceased, and from this spawned my career as a web developer and more specifically an action script programmer.

I’ve been in the web industry for round about 10 years now, and got experience of how do to pretty much everything there is to do on the internet: Flash (AS1->AS3), PHP, HTML4( Hardcore 1999 style), XHTML, JS, CSS, and with PLENTY of experience of browser differences….sigh. And now comes HTML5, be prepared for WWWW2.

It all started back in 1999 when I started to learn html/php/mysql towards the end of the browser wars, for university projects and for the odd Lan-party community.

Come 2001, I was an official web programmer, out in the industry learning how to manage proper sites, with respect for customers despite some of them using Internext Explorer 3. Tables was my thing, and there wasn’t any browser rendering problem that couldn’t be solved with “font:0″ and a transparent gif of the desired dimensions. (If I can find it, I’ll post a document I drafted that detailed how one survived these interesting times)

By 2003 I moved to Sweden and lost the oppression of my old job, and could finally  shake loose of the constraints of IE3 and looked towards these web browsers that support style sheets. Oh the joy of not defining font tags every other line.

By moving country I had to take an aside from web work, and concentrate on integration and language skills,
I did handful of jobs to keep my skillset ticking over, but browser differences was beginning to drive me INSANE.

In 2005 I went back to school (Creative Designer, Northern Swedens answer to Hyper Island before Hyper Island existed) and became a flash developer and so far I think I’ve done a fair amount of flash, everything starting in nor particular order  flash sites where you could submit your own videos, simple banners, to complicated ones and those that needed to be pumped out en mass, campaign web sites, site with integrated video that talks to you, music players, platform games, point and click games.

Now the market place is teaming with new technologies and some revamps of some older tech, making me look to my roots, HTML.

However, surviving: doing what needs to be done, is one thing. Sticking to your guns and doing what you love: suffering for your art and your dreams….

I’m going to be developing games and apps in flash until that coffin has be nailed shut and tossed overboard with lead weights attached.

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