Unity3.5 + Flash = The Can Man

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I’ve been testing the unity3.5 “free” export to Flash player 11+.
AND I GOT TO BUILD A GAME!!!  http://boff.se/files/canman/unity/ with awesome music from David Saulesco, graphics by Mathias Heinänen

 Both the export and the game are awesome and broken, and no where near refined (naturally) as they should be (for the export look to the Native Unity Web Player instead of flash)

[suspiscion] It looks like they are not going to fix some of the issues until Unity4 drops and Adobe and Unity have come to some kind of agreement over licensing  costs.[/suspiscion]

But the main thing is, flash developers finally got a robust gaming engine to work on, and a robust 3d engine with dedicated fancy tools to develop in, so where the hell does this leave flash?

I’m not entirely sure where this leaves flash. Flash tools are still being used by adobe anyway to produce games, but then you are reliant on third-party software to attempt to turn flash into a gaming engine. The flash ide is being used to pump out stuff to canvas, and adobe have decided to invest in HTML tools that are actually easy to use and where Dreamweaver should have been 7 years ago.
And then for mobile deployment, you got all those things your mother warned you to worry about, blitting and framerates, drawcalls and cpu spikes etc etc. (I’ll just pretend I know what I’m talking about).

So if you are going thirdparty, let’s use a proper engine shall we? Something a 3d modeller can just jump in and start playing with, let’s try Unity.
The unity to flash export comes in one dish that can be eaten two ways.

You get a .swf file and a .swc file.

You can load up that swf file right of the bat. http://boff.se/files/canman/flash/ No problems.


You can  have an existing flash project and load in the .swf file and then do flashy UI and all kinds of stuff ontop.
Like my buddies at North Kingdom did, as I loitered around their offices with my research project > checking the flash export as they themselves a few days later started to attempt to do the same….needless to say a consultant was at hand to mimise the headbutting the keyboard that he just been doing….sigh. It was a fun cool project to be not-officailly-a-part-of-yet-contributed-a-bit-to-and-saved-their-backsides-every-now-and-again.
http://paranorman.com/open/stop-motion-zombie-lab but with that production crew you got to love and hug em for changing the world.

 The Can Man

Because I was heading up this research project, we needed a prototype. I got given an alotted amount of time and budget and a number of companies and resources to play with. So I acted as Project manager, creative director AND programmer on this one. I sunk in painstaking hours on what gametype would fulfill the research project needs and balance that with what kind of games were being exported to flash, and what would work on iOS. Id didn’t need to be unique game, it just had to serve a purpose. So I opted to copy and paste and think a bit and tweak.

I had an artist who had a sketch or two, so after some heavy investigation, I went back to him with a diesel punk theme and a metropolis city to reconstruct with the promise of run and gun gameplay.  You are robot running on one of those very tall bridges/walkways that goes from building to building.

CONTROLS: Swipe left and right to move left and right, Swipe up to jump, and then infront of the can man (mouse and cursor) to shoot in that direction.
PICKUPS: Health, AMMO – straight shot, AMMO-spread shot. So you can upgrade/degrade your weapon type by consistant getting five straightshots in a row…for example.
GAMEPLAY : dodge holes, jump or move to the side, maintain speed. Can man runs on a fly wheel, it takes battery power to rev that thing up. Getting shot, shooting, running into barels and jumping will deplete your battery even more. (you either loose momentum or have to generate extra power to perform said action)
AIM: Get Can man to safety, avoid obstacles.

Yeah, funny what happens with that ambition meets staff shortages and budget issues. The main programmer got nicked to finish off the Paranorman project, so I had to dive in and learn unity and stupidly enough I thought I could try learning c# at the same time. Needless to say we got a product out….it fulfilled the research section but it lacked…ermm….a game of certain grade of production quality, namely due to my noobness with unity, and testing the flash export at the same time.

However I did run into a professional composer (David Saulesco) who did the music as a favour…..and I am now indebted a great deal.

It was a proud moment when the music was pumping out of an iphone 4s and our Can Man was leaping about the screen – a dream in motion, same code exported on multiple platforms (with a few tweaks to hide certain aspects from each system).

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