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We were discussing at work today, with the some of the mums who aren’t up to speed about what their kids are playing.
At they are appalled by the “war games” (as they are way too many games involving this gory killing). I learned that they don’t mind too much – actually – it’s just being able to ensure the age appropriate material is getting through.
But an interesting thing is how – like us more mature players – they want to be involved in that thing that is happening.
Like for example BF3 or skyrim, Big brothers are playing it, and some young kids (who’s parents aren’t that careful) are playing it, and the other kids of the same age are now losers since their parents don’t allow them to play it.
Now my kids are “way” to young for this to even bother me, but in a few years they will.
But again the moms were complaining about market saturation of violent games, (specifically fps) and they wanted to know why.

My explaination was something along the lines of,
games started of as a niche market.
Appealing to those who could afford, and their children.
And during the industries first wave of kids (that’s my generation). Gaming went through it’s infancy in the 80′s.
To it’s more wild and destructive teenage years in the 90′s.
Now I would like to think that during the 2000′s gaming has started to mature – but it hasn’t.

During the teenage years, the console scene exploded.
Things like First person shooters, exploded – still following the pattern set by doom in 92, and duke nukem.
Exotic weapons with big booms, and exotic women with big boobs promising big booming – a formular worthy of any male teenagers attention. And it sells.
And it sells consitantly.
And whilst their are still teenage boys willing to part pocket money to buy this stuff, so, the market remains and it’s a constant supply.

As gabe is quick to point out the brick and mortar console market isn’t the only demographic, farmville had 100 million users. MW2 had 15, wow has 11 constantly.
When you pull in the bartle test,


(who performed a psychological study on what we get out of gaming)
We got pidgeon holed thusly. (read up on it before you cast judgment, okay)
1. Achievers
3. Social
4. Killers
Where social gamers (non-conflict) make up for 80% of the gamers.
Considering that’s practically a one to one unit to unit cross over of FarmVille to MW2,
I think that
Social gamers aren’t factored into the “living room” strategy.
Browsers ARE. We aren’t finding gore filled games on the browser front, as we don’t have 1) the hardware and 2) the customers.
Until now.
Now flash has access to the GPU.
And gaming is shifting, thanks to Portal, Penumbra and Amnesia, and there was even a amnesia mod which was a straight up puzzle/adventure game, to which one article on the internet supposed that this might be a new genre, (or as I see it, a return to the genres that we had BEFORE doom 1 got released and messed up the market).

So I think, or rather I WANT, the browser side to see MORE 3d MORE first person, but heaving story/drama/action and adventure minus the conflict driven hunter-driven-instant-gratification of our current war-zone first person shooters.

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