Portfolio [Hall of Fame] [ of 7]  Sommarlov – konstsim för hajar Head-tracking and steering 3d environments

It was a success, 2d objects, in a 2d room and a control system to MOVE objects in in actual 3d space that is supposed to be intuitive for 7 year olds.
I present to you Fixarummet – Design your own room.

Compromise – Did you every have one of those projects?

The customer concept and examples were all isometric 3D…it had to be 3D. But due to time and budget we went with straight on 2D artwork. We could knock more out and make it look a bit nicer.

To keep everyone happy the project manager compromised. The artist got a 2d room drawn with fake depth, with 2d furniture, in which you can move said furniture in REAL 3d space.

So instead of fake 3D (isometric) or straight up 2D (either one would have used the same code),  now I needed to program and move stuff in real 3D, however this is when AS3 and Flash Player 10 came out and won it’s special place in my heart.

Just tween it in the z-space (real 3d with perspective right?)

I got to work on the movement and the initial prototype and that’s is what I am most proud about, getting the idea to just work and look alright.

I won’t discount that the final product took, the customers input, advice, the back end programmers, sound, programming and especially the programming ;) Ted, Key saved my arse there with regards to everything else. And poor Alex for being such a trooper with furniture designs AND from multiple angles.

The project got compromised into an impossible programming situation a 3D room, with 2d art, and making it intuitive for 7 year olds!

But I fixed it, with one obvious oversite, but that was a late edition out of my control.

It was fun to see the servers getting hit by a DOS attack, as they just got  swamped by the kids, and still keep hearing that my friends kids sink hours into this thing.

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