First Person is wasted on “shooters”

First Person is wasted on “shooters”
I played doom some time back (gzdoom) and thought what a waste, 20 years of extrapolating, and polishing the same gaming concept.

Because other people are still making doom, this is DICE on Dissecting the FPS Genre ( a bit of background to my musings).

Before genre’s there were games that did as much on the 8-bit handful of Kb’s available.
Their design, much to their own point of ruin, threw away ideas of “fun”, “fairness”.
I don’t think “fun” was an option for some time in some of those games.
All Games were “open-ended” back in the 80′s were open – because ending screens cost to much memory.
Game were so brutal back then that it was hoped you never got far enough to see that flaw.

But there was something that was lost from the 80′s and early 90′s.
As most games “tried” to be more than a genre, and added something new to the mix, to stick out and be unique.
Namely because genres didn’t exist.
Computers were used for simulating, and so games simulated.
You couldn’t have a text adventure game without Day/night cycles, combat, weighted inventory. People just crammed in as much as they could (but for every gem of a game we had a mountain of dirt)

Before Side-scrolling action games which were all about muscle memory and timing,
we had side scrolling adventure games which actually RELIED on memory, brains, and a good story….okay maybe not in the general sense, by todays standards but in the 8bit day and age.

Before Doom and Wolfenstien,
we had first person adventure and exploration with Freescape engines, Mercenary, damocles, midwinter, Planetfall, Elite (space sim but still from the pilots perspective).

But After Doom 1 came out,
as soon as you licensed a 3d engine (for arguments sake)
You couldn’t even take a TV-show about Diplomacy/guile and tactics (Star-trek) and use the First person model to explore that universe, without it turning into a Sci-fi shoot-em up, with pickups and healthkits every five yards.

Gone were the simulating the players survival, tiredness, hunger: They got relegating to “role-playing” with dragons, space station or post-apocalyptic worlds in 2d or isometric games (This level of detail has not been used for the big franchise names, Starwars and startrek for many a year until recently and still they use 3rd person).
The only thing you head to worry about were 2 “lives” counters (health and armour) and a third, bullets.

Puzzles? You mean the adventure of working out what length a staff needed to be, from a sacred artefact, to be placed at a certain time of day at a certain place, that lead to the next clue (ala Indiana Jones), just got streamlined to bring keycard to door.

3rd person is bringing it back, say Mass Effect, and many a thirdperson game has, one could argue the resident evil franchise and tombraider series has been doing this for many a year.

but not First person, where it belongs!

I praised the world for giving us portal, Half Life 2 (point insertion), penumbra, amnesia, stalker , and Dear Esther for bringing back the idea that just because it’s first person, doesn’t mean to say it’s automatically a pure shooter and can have these other elements involved as well.

I wonder what would have happened to the world of computer gaming if say Damocles for the PC was released and not canned, i think it might have been released sometime around Quake.

Adventure over several planets and cities, no weapons, just space ships, exploration, adventure, role play and puzzles all from your perspective- oh the dream from the 80′s on 8+ 16bit machine still waiting to be realised nigh on 20-25 years later.

To this date, all we do is create beautiful environments say a Russian airport, Liberty City, and fill them with people.
And for what reason do we fill them with people… shoot them!
Such a waste!

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