back to the drawing “bored”

My dear old friend apathy sinks in.
My branch of the main project line to develop a mini game fully, has hit the production sink-hole/mire.
I am currently in the paper-trail of Converting from timeline actionscript mockup, to a fully fledged OOP-flex/FlashDevelop enabled vision giving the artists free range to do what they like with the graphics, without damaging the code. That’s when I can get an artist in to do what this programmer can not.

It also gives me pause to thought to address issues that have crept in as well as plan for the future.
I’m kind of buzzed by the amount of interest shown by my merry little band of playtesters (co-workers and my sister), so I’ve had a number wouldn’t it be great if “blah blah”, or chill out on a thing or go to town on something else. Which is making me a little nervous.

I wouldn’t mind but this mini-game, is “simple”.

But having to code everything from the ground up is no mean fete, even for something so “simple”:
especially when I’m being so stringent on the feel and the flow of how the game. Which is one sticking point.

A second is more game developer orientated, keeping track of things in a smart way.
I’m currently re-designing the code to hopefully be smarter.

  • Like creation and destruction (vs hiding and moving out of the way and bringing back when needed).
  • Being able to scale things instead of having “one offs” for everything.
  • being able to “pause”,
  • and/or “reset” systems
  • tie everything into global systems.
    • rates of decay
    • point scoring
    • communication with other modules for
      • visual help (does this collide/cause a problem with something onscreen already
      • bonus checks (four in a row)

Time will tell if it is actually smarter.
As my head is skirting round the concepts, and fear of making serious assumptions that could hinder things further down the round is crimping my prolific function-creation of the original demo.
Every time I have an idea and I write it down I get scared it’s going to conflict with something else or be a problem for future revisions, so I wind up not writing it down.
Getters and Setters get written and then deleted, strucken of for having a name that doesn’t convey it’s function. Or even worse a function that is called within that actually gets around to doing what the parent function claimed to have done.
Maybe I should just start coding so at least I can undelete or more functions from a parent to a child.
I hate this bit.
When the fun has gone out of creating, and all that’s left is the hum-drum-drone of crossing tees and dotting eyes, and insuring all the things that go in and out to so in an air-tight well lubricated manner.
Well I’m not even doing that. I’m PLANNING about doing that, which is even MORE boring.

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