Undisclosed Project

Well, since I’ve entered into a iphone game and app course, the very same avenue I suspect the hard-core flash developers to hide in, when general web development slides fully into HTML5.

I started to think of games to develop for the ipad. And naturally amongst all the crazy ideas “wouldn’t it be cool too”, I settled on a casual game – as such. Built up of handful of smaller mini-games. It’s going to involve a lot of micromanagement, and having several balls up in the air at the same time.

So in my wisdom I start developing one of the core mini-games in flash just to get back up to speed with flash after a long summer. Art-direction, although being programmer art, was going towards the “main game concept”. Of course this first mini-game needs to be a stand-alone, fast and furious type of game to sell to friends and colleagues the larger picture, during those days in the future when I need a favour or too.

So I got a playtester, a bejewelled fanatic, (and anything else that slides out of facebook).
I let my sister have a go last night, and too my horror, as I watched over skype I saw this panic/auto-hypnotic stare creep into her eyes. Then she started to complain about making addictive games and giving them for free and installing them onto her desktop. So I took that as a positive response.

So it’s decision time, as the kind of game “she” is used to, who would play this kind of game would mean a radical branch away from how I’d want to develop this mini-game so it would feed into the concept of the main-game proper. So things that explode, bright colours, and continuous pats on the back.

It’s decision time. And I think I’m option to do the mini-game as a standalone, just to get things up and running. I’ve never developed a game before, not like this anyway. Sort of exciting. Might just try getting an air-app and uploading into the wifes andriod phone see how it works on a touch screen (original intention).

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