my parents were right ? ! ? !

For any child recieving advice from ones “elders” is hard, especially when it seams counter-intuitive.
“Don’t stand there making faces, because when the wind changes it will stay like that!!”

As a programmer, I know that “sitting by a desk” is not the most active and best positions for my back.
And I’ve had back problems that have plagued me for many a year,
chiropracters, physio-therapists all agree state the same thing, “wow you are REALLY tense there, I’ll just pop the back, back into position and I recommend that you stretch and do some training”
Oddly enough, that is exactly what I have been doing, and not to sound too much like a lyric penned by Martin Gore but apparently no matter what I do, it seams to be never enough, for my back and for these “healers”.

So I got the latest bit of advice, now that my back has locked up “again” causing stabbing pain in my heart/chest when I breath and move , and so naturally the head instructor at my martial arts club tends to know a thing or two (“makes you more effecient killer” terminator2 reference on biology knowledge), so I asked for a little back popping, and which he did with a fair bit of explanation. And then he started to give some comments about body posture and how I walk, as aparently I was rolling my shoulders forward, a favourite amongst us desk-jockies.

And he showed me a few not anything I haven’t seen before as a stretch, but no one has EVER highlighted that they may help me. No physio, no chiropracter, and then he gave some advice, advice I have not heard since I was a teenager, and quite frankly I generally scoffed then, thinking it was just some perversed hang-over from the victorian age forcing your children to be “proper”,

“walk upright, shoulders back, chest out, otherwise you’ll get a knott in your back.”

How was I to know my parents would eventually be right?

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