Today I’m going to talk about valve software, they are my heroes in the game development world. They released this little game called portal, back in november 2007, and in March 2010, it got a little update : – Changed radio transmission frequency to comply with federal and state spectrum management regulations” .

Suddenly the portal fans, (overnight, don’t forget this is an american company, so I’m trying to get up to speed on what has been hapening whilst I’ve been asleep in Europe) have gone mental….I’m mean there is a thread that is spammed out in a few hours trying to decode this.

Basically the fan based cottoned on real quick to the radio in the start room has a different colour light, which changes when you take it into different rooms. And when you do that you unlock an achievement 1 or 20-something, presumably they are more radios you have to move. Suddenly the first start spouting out morse code.

With any sequel plans for portal 2 or Half life 2 episode 3…. Portal has always been the “outlet” for hidden messages before it’s own release, but this is got the fans, more than a little excited.
Is it just an dumb achievement?
is it a teaser of a new release?

The only thing one can do with these things is join in, so at least you can say, you were there and it was wild ride.
Sadly I got to go wake my son up, and be the responsible dad that I am…….darn it…okay just a quick peak at the radio light changing colour…..

*update, still haven’t woken up my son, but I haven’t been playing either, i’ve been trying to catch up on those messages.

Not only is there morse code, but there is radio-data, one of the the game fans is a radio operator and used his SSTV software to decode images out of the the radio’s from within the game. Needless to say they are bad quality. Adam foster ( well renowned modder now turned employee for valve) had a series of similar easter egg hunts,
some of the other “puzzles” which are when translated out of morse code, needed to be unhashed from md5, others hexidecimel.

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