Great Design = Function / Form

A relic from a time before the Great Browser War?
I love these sites, I really do. I’m not trying to be mean, I’m not point out OMG look how bad it is, it’s just, this is how the internet looked in 1995-1999.
This was a hip site, something to be proud off, I’ve known talented art directors and web programmers a-like who have built a web site of similar quality, back in that time period. The usage of tables and font tags…that takes some time and noggin’ work to sort out, although it does feels weird to see youtube in there, like an M16 in the hands of a Roman Centurion.

But it’s so rare to find such a gem alive and well on the internet, and this isn’t a just a site that a web programmer / owner / ISP (web hotel) forgot, this is a living breathing website that is updated quite frequently, and is linked.

Great Design = Form/function. If this site hasn’t been redesigned in gawd knows how many years, it must be doing something right? ( eller?)

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