HSB – Bospara


Major HSB campaign, and we just lost both senior programmers. Lone junior here took up the plate.  I designed how the site would work, the majority the back-end programming and how that would communicate with flash with regards to file-uploads, messaging friends, not to mention the multiple entry points from various emails that would take you directly to a specific competition or a certain video, which required some fun logic as to how and when things started to load in, and animate.

Ian Vidales saved my bacon with some hefty animations as well as the awesome art-direction Daniel Siegerhiem.
Had to rely on some of my predecessors work to survive (namely the file uploading code was in ASP) and we had a little bit of out sourcing to keep the coding time down.

The campaign hit home, was a success and Norweb are keeping the site updated with new competitions and games.

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