Gunnebo International Business Center

Built back in my Norweb, Jack-Russel and Fältman & Malmén days. Huge shout out to Mattias Flyborg, or rather Mr Jack Russel himself(Art-Director and Project Leader.)
Fun thing was the footage wasn’t greenscreened. Originally the plan was to use the footage as it was, within the real world location. There was 180 degree change in design for the better when the footage rolled in. We had a major brainstorming session with Mattias as well as director of the films(who had won a number of directorial prizes), as well the whole of norweb’s web production team.
We threw together new a look which outstripped the original concept, but also the footage we had. Of course all that was not anyone’s problem but my own.

So we I devised that we should have various matte paintings (as such) laying on top of the films with feathered holes photoshoped into them. I guess all those “making of” film- documentaries that I liked watching started to pay off. The matte paintings needed to swap angle with the footage, as well as all TV screen, clocks and other menu items that lay scattered round the scene.

Oh and I had 30 odd films that needed to be loaded in on the sly, got a little tip from Anton Kindblad från ACNE Digital (ooh shameless name dropping) that I should extend the Netscreen object to incorporate my own functions, of course he was working is AS3 at the time, and I was working in AS2.

To be honest, not too shabby considering it was my first flash project that had video footage in it, and I was the ONLY flash developer on it,  after what? a year from my course that had some rudimentary flash in it? Of course the site has been added to in my absence, with the odd bug fixed, and few new ones developed :)

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