Content Shuffle

Right, got a few tips from friends and colleagues.

Having a blog/portfolio is a little confusing, so I’m trying a new ways to re-organise the site’s content, and how people can view/keep up to date easily, as in the near future I’ll be spamming out my own blog with links, and overly personal pictures with self indulgence references that no-one but myself would ever understand,
whilst at the same time providing prospective employers a chance to view my greatest achievements in a hurry.

WordPress likes to keep everything in date order, so I can’t show something kick arse straight away if I did it a year or two ago.

So, long story made……even longer;  I’ve added a Portfolio [Hall of Fame] :
part – plugin, part PHP Theme hack. Not to mention I made a diabolical filter system, blog or portfolio(news straddles both), all to simplify your  browsing needs.

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