IQ – brave new world of CSS
When I was an intern, at Thomson, I got to try out my CSS skills with The guys were so nice to me there, I even got to help out with the wireframe design (a lot of fun I might add).

At the time, I had done some CSS before, I believed I knew my stuff. I understood the box model. I just never built a whole site with just DIV tags.

In retrospect I am a little embarrassed about the CSS, like most web programmers are with their first time with any new technique.

Despite my personal shame, my CSS has stood the test of time, the site lasted in this form for over 3 years.

It was durable and survived, and you can’t ask much more out of your code, well aside from being: efficient, elegant and easy for others to read, manage and update [*/me clears throat uncomfortably*].

And to think there was a fresh advert on TV every other week to remind me of the ugly naming conventions and borderline excess usage of DIV tags. Lessoned learned.

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