You control, back to as2

So I built an system for web site for, they hadn’t made the move to AS3 back then, so I had to go back to the classic AS2.I’m very pleased how this works, The trick was to move the movie clip and zoom in at a specific point at that specific point, but it caused me a fair amount of brain ache to get the desired effect. Incidently you have a movieclip in a movieclip. Basically and you move the internal movieclip offsetted so the bit you want to zoom in on is under the mouse, so you only in on the wrapper moviclip, which itself is moving to negate the internal offset. Confused?
Well I was annoyed, becayse I had previous example that I did two years earlier and had lost the fla file, and basically forgot how one does this kind of thing(darn stupid memory). I got hired just for this effect, but me being me, I wanted to help out, so I exceeded my mandate on this one.

The flash needed to be set up to be artist configurable, (err what?). Well I had to build it not only so it worked, but leave it open and easy enough for the guys and Punc to be able to add more content as and when they wanted and alter things as they saw fit. Naturally when scrolling pictures in flash, the picture quality relates directly to performance, and well, the artists and their high-quality pictures and as a result, they had a number of niggling complaints about flashes performance on really old computers, ahh the age old conflict between artist and programmer and the endless compromising of the internet ( I do love my artists, they make my work look awesome ).

Things had to be loaded in. Now think about this, you have eight rooms on the menu screen, that you can go into, and the rooms are interlinked via hotspots.
So all that onLoadComplete (well technically onInit ;) ) needed to ripple through the hotspots inside the rooms, as well as the quick links on the menu. So I’m very happy with the loader/preloader I built in this, it was fairly complex, but super robust, shame I don’t program in as2 anymore :(

I’m very happy about Punc’s final design and all the additional design and artwork that replaced my ugly placeholders.
They this thing (as well as the whole user experience on the site) look awesome.

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