The innovators – AS3 line drawn in sand


So what we have here is a flash film player, an Accordian, xml reader, Javascript communications, a sharebutton that folds out ontop of the flash, and a little bit of a bitmap effect causing that lovely static on the screen (The war of the Ants my swedish colleagues would like to say).

The Line has now been drawn, I’ve had my fill of AS2. From this day forwards I am a flash ActionScript 3.0 programmer!
How hard could it be?

Quite pleased with the results, I built it knowing I’d be swapping out content a lot, hence the xml, and preparing the fla files in a certain way, and I’ve been updated the content a lot so I’m glad I sunk the time in to do that properly. I got to learn a lot about video compression via adobe’s media encoder. I wanted to squeeze in more film controls but was voted out on that.

I tried to be smart, and break the program down into fla files that encapsulated the component functions, however trying to figure out how separate swf files let alone movie clips start talking to one another in AS3 strictly as compared to AS2 loose standards, took a lot of head scratching (obviously they key’s from the keyboard were still embedded there and were starting to irritate me).  And then there was that whole security issue with swfobj and how as3 standard loader would bomb out on you leaving you with a white screen of dispair.

Needless to say with it being my first desperate attempt at AS3 (aside from some banner action), I learnt a lot, but it took a fair amount of time thankfully.

Jonas Nygrén was the Project lead, and Art Director.

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