Start – digital presentation

Start - Presentation

This was an offline flash project so I have no link :(

I loved this project. An artistically luscious presentation that the client could put together themselves. It was my first fairly complex AS3 project, so complex that I had to build my own debugger. True story.

Stylish, tough to code and for once, not internet based, so I got to bypass  loading screens, and checks to ensure things have loaded correctly (or so I thought). Needless to say, lesson learned very early on, harddisk and cpu’s all work differently by milliseconds, and milliseconds count.

The internal flow, because it was basically a film made up of  series of films that could be chosen by the client to suit the presentation needs,  required a fair amount of planning out, which I believe, me and the team at .wdo did a really good job.

Despite the flash being something special, I felt like I had such a small role in this project: the interviews, filming, content, art direction, the editing of the interviews, the generation of the small 4 mini-movies of the biographies of the interviewees; it all incorporated so many people and companies, by of which the actual the flash presentation, which of course is the cumlmination of the whole project, felt like a little by-product.

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