Creative Summit (sadly we’ve just updated the flash 2009 site to the AJAX 2010 )
Oh The Lodge (North Kingdom, Dreamfield, Artopod, Paregos, Thomson, etc) needed an awesome web site their large conference(organised by .wdo) for it’s members and it’s associates from around the world, like Coca-Cola and Disney. No pressure, just the elite of your branch is currently weighing up your code and design.

This was a stylish site that I got to put together, thanks to Peter Lundström for the design and for the still photography for not only the background plates for the site, but for the rolling flash screensavers(built by me) for the conference itself. The screensaver was in fact a resurrected automatic background changer from an early build of the web site. The website was an information hub with bio’s about the speakers, and the few highlights of a few of the lodge members, as well as the usual contact details and directions. The site naturally had a html/css version for those lucky none-flash people, and yes there was my very first isolation tag for the iphone in the javascript.
I quite like the lineTo that trace the transparent MovieClips that act as the scroll bars, as well as the accordion logos for the short bio’s.
I had to laugh as I remembered that one can have feathered masked as long as they were bitmap cached, somewhere in the past year I had forgotten such Post flash8 knowledge.

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