Monthly Archive for August, 2012

Unity3.5 + Flash = The Can Man

I’ve been testing the unity3.5 “free” export to Flash player 11+.
AND I GOT TO BUILD A GAME!!! with awesome music from David Saulesco, graphics by Mathias Heinänen

 Both the export and the game are awesome and broken, and no where near refined (naturally) as they should be (for the export look to the Native Unity Web Player instead of flash)

[suspiscion] It looks like they are not going to fix some of the issues until Unity4 drops and Adobe and Unity have come to some kind of agreement over licensing  costs.[/suspiscion]

But the main thing is, flash developers finally got a robust gaming engine to work on, and a robust 3d engine with dedicated fancy tools to develop in, so where the hell does this leave flash? Read more »