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First Person is wasted on “shooters”

First Person is wasted on “shooters”
I played doom some time back (gzdoom) and thought what a waste, 20 years of extrapolating, and polishing the same gaming concept.

Because other people are still making doom, this is DICE on Dissecting the FPS Genre ( a bit of background to my musings).
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Back on track.

Well It’s been about a year since my last update. New job and there was a ridiculous amount of overtime that came with that initially, thankfully that has come to an end (the overtime not the job). There was a bunch of positive family stuff happening as well, which I’d rather not get into, needless to say maintaining a blogs/portfolio wasn’t a priority.

Things are stable enough these days to warrant wading into the blog expunging the thousands of spam comments waiting for approval(it’s taken a lot of man hours and browser crashed).
So now things are in good shape so two things are going in soon,

  • recent examples of my work.

They are actually posts from the The Steam Powered User Forums talking about First person game design, as well as other gaming concepts, that I feel need to be stored and for others to link to.